I’m Elena, a spanish artist. Studied arts in Universitat Politècnica de València and finished my master Editorial & Advertising Illustration in artschool Trazos in Madrid.

I’ve done several commissions over the years, mainly illustrations, character designs and user icons. I’ve also illustrated two books for a benefical foundation and teached painting and photo edition.

The past few years I’ve done some storyboards for TV series in La Madriguera Studio, Mediapro, Anima Kitchent, and Wiseblue, as for a film in Tunche films (under production).  And I’ve also illustrated a book! ‘Volver a ser tú’, by Joaquín Mateu-Molla (Ed.Destino).

I love reading and drawing comics, so I’ve participated in various fanzine projects and created some of my own. Other skills of mine are such as voice acting, acting and writing. But I can assure you, my most remarkable skill is spilling coffe all over the place.

Any questions? Go on, send me a message!